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Life Insurance

Considering life insurance to help take care of the folks you treasure most? Applying with North Cover is as simple as one phone call.

North Cover Life Insurance

We like to hope for the best, but preparing for the worst has its perks too. Because mortgages, education costs, medical costs and other bills – they’ll still be there after you’re gone. It can be a great feeling knowing your nearest and dearest can live life to the fullest because you did something smart to help protect their financial future.

We know life is busy. That’s why we keep everything as simple and straightforward as we can, from getting a policy to making a claim. North Cover Life Insurance is easy to understand, simple to apply for and can help provide coverage when it’s needed most.

You can make it happen faster than you think. Go ahead and get in touch for a quote from one of our licensed advisors today.

We can send you a free information brochure with everything you need to know about North Cover.

Benefits of choosing North Cover Life Insurance

Made for Canadians

From the old souls to the young at heart, Canadian residents aged 18 to 70 (excluding Quebec) can count on assistance when it’s needed most.

Flexible coverage amounts

You may be eligible for between $100,000 and $1.5 million, depending on your age. The benefit can be used to cover costs like mortgage payments, education costs, final expenses – or simply leave it to your favourite folks as a financial cushion.

Pay less based on your lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle has rewards. You’ll pay lower premiums for being a non-smoker.

Advanced funeral payout

We may provide $15,000 (subject to approval) to pay for immediate costs, like a funeral. However you want your life celebrated, know you’ve done what you can to plan ahead and help take the financial pressure off those you leave behind.

Any cause of death covered

Natural death, accidental death, and terminal illness are all covered1. Take some of the worry out of your day-to-day knowing you’ve helped prepare for the unexpected.

Terminal illness benefit

Receive 100% of your benefit upfront if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of 12 months or less1. Stress less and live more confidently knowing you’ve planned ahead.

Apply easily over the phone

We like making things simple. Get in touch with our licensed advisors to apply for coverage in just one phone call, with no medical or blood tests required.

Optional yearly cover increase

Every loonie counts. We automatically give you the option to increase your coverage amount by 5% on your policy’s anniversary to help cover changes to your lifestyle. You may contact us to opt out at any time.

Simple coverage you can trust

Our team is always up for dishing out more details.

North Cover. Here to help.

Made for Canadians

We celebrate what makes Canadians different. And we’re committed to providing insurance designed for your needs.

Insurance made simple

Go direct and get coverage without tons of confusing forms or medical tests. Because no one needs more paperwork in their life.

Flexible coverage

Our Canadian-based licensed advisors can guide you on the best coverage for your needs. We're here to support your insurance journey from start to finish.

Trusted experience

Your policy is backed by an insurer with decades of experience protecting Canadians. You can be confident knowing you’re in good hands (if we do say so ourselves).

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Get a free info brochure

We’ll send you a free information brochure with everything you need to know about North Cover.

Frequently asked questions

  • Life insurance provides a payout that your loved ones can put towards what they need most when you’re no longer here. It can help them pay the mortgage or rent, plus cover bills and handle regular expenses more easily. Even if they have the basics covered, your life insurance benefit can go towards helping them make the most out of life, from travel to home upgrades – whatever they need or want most.

  • The monthly or yearly cost of life insurance will depend on the level of coverage you choose, plus other personal factors, such as your age and smoking status. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to request a quote. Our licensed advisors are ready to talk you through your options, so get in touch. 

  • It’s actually your call (pretty nice, eh?). How much life insurance coverage you need will depend on what your loved ones may need if something happens to you. Some factors you may want to consider when it comes to your level of coverage are whether you’ve just purchased a home, welcomed a new family member, or are planning to pay for someone’s education.

    North Cover Life Insurance coverage amounts range from $100,000 to $1.5 million, depending on your age at the time you apply. The simplest way to find out how much life insurance coverage you can get is to get in touch with one of our licensed advisors. We’re here to help guide you on your coverage amount and talk you through the process from start to finish!

  • With North Cover Life Insurance, you’ll pay a monthly premium. That amount will be based on factors such as your age, smoking status, and the coverage amount you choose. When the time comes, the beneficiaries you’ve chosen will get the benefit payout once the claim is approved. Check out our claims page for more details.

  • There are different types of life insurance plans available in Canada. The type of life insurance you should get will depend on your personal circumstances. Choosing life insurance coverage doesn’t need to be complicated. Our trusted advisors are ready to talk you through it, so you can make a confident decision (and get some peace of mind) with ease.

  • Life insurance gives your beneficiaries money they can use in any way they wish after you pass away. A life insurance claims payout can go towards mortgage payments, debts, education expenses, final expenses like funeral costs, medical or palliative care costs and more. Life insurance can also provide the benefit upfront for terminal illness with life expectancy of 12 months or less to live1.

  • Look, we’re as optimistic as they come, but unfortunately, life – and death – happens. While that’s often not in our control, what you can do is prepare financially, and life insurance is an important part of that. Life insurance gives your loved ones money they can count on after you go, to put towards bills (and dreams) big and small.

  • Life insurance is helpful for anyone who wants to make sure their loved ones have some financial assistance after they pass. Canadian residents outside of Quebec between the ages 18 to 70 may be eligible for North Cover Life Insurance.

    It’s especially helpful when you’ve reached new milestones in life, like buying a new home or welcoming a new family member. Times like that are a good reminder to make sure the people you love most have a level of financial protection if you’re no longer there to help.

  • Getting North Cover Life Insurance is easy, if we do say so ourselves. If are a Canadian resident (outside of Quebec) and aged between 18 and 70, you can apply. A quick phone call to request a quote is all it takes to get started. Or, you can even have us give you a call back – we’re here to answer any questions.

  • Applying for North Cover Life Insurance doesn’t require a medical or blood tests. Keep in mind that our policies are based on your individual circumstances, including some aspects of your health, like whether or not you’re a smoker. Our licensed advisors are on hand to walk you through the application process. Request a quote now.

  1. Terminal illness diagnosis with a life expectancy of 12 months or less. Excludes terminal illness or death as a result of attempted suicide or suicide within 24 months of getting a policy.

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